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Visual Studio Features

Due: October 30


The objectives of this homework are to learn features of VS or VS programming skills which can be of use to your project.

For part of your grade on this homework, you will be asked to learn specific features, and for the remainder you can decide what other available features (i.e. which were not already covered in the assignment) interest you for your project and work on these.

Homework Description

As you will see on the grading sheet you are asked to pick a set of features whose grades add up to 80. (You can also get up to 10 bonus marks for extra features).

To demonstrate that you have learned these features, you can develop small programs called "modules".

You will notice that some features are covered in more than one module. You only need to develop one of these modules to demonstrate that you have learned the associated feature (and you will not get extra marks for developing the same feature in more than one module).

You will also notice that most modules will include more than one feature. You do not need to complete all the features in the modules you submit, only the ones that you have selected. However, the modules group together features that belong together, so you may want to develop complete modules.

Module Details

  1. Media - Not available in F2017
  2. Timer - Not available in F2017
  3. MDI
  4. DirectoryOps
  5. DragDrop
  6. Graphics
  7. CompositeControl - Not available in F2017
  8. User-Defined Properties - Not available in F2017
  9. DynamicControl


Each module has its own set of references.

How to submit the homework

  • Submit electronically in your D2L CPS613 Modules submission folder the grading sheet filled out to indicate which features were implemented.
  • Submit electronically in your D2L CPS613 Modules submission folder a zipped up folder of the source code for each module which contains a feature you have implemented.
    The name of the folder should be Mx.zip where x is the module number.
Note that the TA will mark your modules using the grading sheet that you have submitted and will place a pdf of your grading sheet in your D2L CPS613 Modules submission folder.

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