System Information for non-computer Science Students

Ryerson University

This course uses the computer facilities provided by the Department of Computer Science. Since you are registered in CPS613, our system administrators will create an account for you that will allow you to work in the Computer Science labs and also use the department's UNIX systems. You can find fairly detailed information about the computer science facilities in the User Guide to DCS Facilities Here are a few things that you should learn to do with this account:

  • Then, before you actually need to submit your assignment, you should spend some time learning how to upload files and submit them. You can ask one of your computer science classmates, or the TA during one of the labs, or the course instructor during an office hour to show you how to do that. Just to summarize, though:
    1. The files are uploaded using the File Transfer Window
    2. The files are submitted using the Terminal Window:
      1. Go to the directory where you have uploaded the files using the cs command:
        cd directory-path
      2. Submit your file
        submit-cps613 filename

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